Moringa Seeds

Seeds of the Moringa Oleifera Tree



Moringa Seeds are also a beneficial source of importnt nutrients. Their benefits to the human body include reducing blood sugar level, maintaining cholesterol and blood pressure, improving skin health, purifying water, improving sleep, improving digestion, preventing infection and illness, increasing energy level, improving eye vision, and detoxifying the body

The quality of oil from the moringa seed is often compared to that of olive oil

Moringa seeds also reverse several environmental problems in addition to their multiple health benefits to the human body.

No wonder, Moringa Oleifera is often referred to as ‘Tree of Life’. Akili works with farmers to grow moringa oleifera, in the lower areas around Mt Kenya (Lower Murang’a, Mwea, Kagio/Sagana, Mbeere, Tharaka-Nithi). To help conserve water in the ground, soils are laced generously with diatomite.


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